We are a company that provides security services including personal protection and understand the importance of Security, Safety and Privacy for our clients. The usage of Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by security personnel stating privileged information in postings or photographs, can jeopardise the 3 key principals listed above and are against what we stand for as a company .

HSM Ltd/LLC are pleased to state that all our team members sign confidentiality contracts that prevent these types of postings and therefore protect our clients.

As part of that contract and as part of our companies ethics, all HSM Ltd/LLC team members offer for submission their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts details to the companies management team. The company then have access to view any team members account at any time, and continually monitor any postings thus ensuring there are no breaches of the rules regarding Social Media by any one of our personnel.

Any team member that, after investigation, is considered to have breached company rules regarding social media posting will have his contract with the company withdrawn immediately.